You'll gain unprecedented understanding of your audience and campaign performance.

We have made it easy to use while maintaining its potency.

understand your audience

Identify your Influencers

If you want to know who your most influential followers are across all of your social media platforms, no other tool can compare to Social Balance. Every every link you and your users click on is tracked by us automatically.

Multiple Devices

Tracking Multiple Devices

Every moment of the day, consumers are on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. With our patented technology, we can combine all of your community's activities into a single stream that all of your users can follow.

Social CRM

The amount of money, leads, and site visits your users have brought in while promoting your business may be easily calculated. When possible, we've included links to their social media profiles to make reaching out to them easier.

Overview Report

Social Revenue Tracking

It's simple with us. You may now get the whole picture of where your social media profits are coming from without resorting to link shortening tools and other services. Your social media publication, campaign, and share button activities across all networks are automatically tracked and reported on by our system.

Our services simplify the process. You may now get the whole picture of where your social media earnings are coming from without resorting to link shortening tools and other services. We have a system in place that will automatically disclose earnings from all of your social media publishing, campaign, and share button action across all of the social networks.

Multiple Devices

Social Posts

We are the only software that can assign income and lead creation to each of your social postings separately according to the network.

Social Campaign

Social Campaigns

Keep tabs on the amount of money made by the overall campaign, as well as by individual participant and social network.


Share Buttons

We're the only service that tracks how many leads and dollars are generated from each social media share button individually.

Visualize Your Performance

Our eye-catching visuals provide a comprehensive account of the return on investment from your social media efforts. All of our subscription tiers include unrestricted report generation.

Overview Report

Overview Report

The overview report is a comprehensive social media dashboard that tracks and organizes all relevant metrics by several dimensions, including campaigns, social networks, activities, employees, and more.

1 Publish Reports

Published Message Report

In contrast to other social media reports, this one really gives you useful information, such as the optimal length of your messages. All of your posts can be shown on one graph, making it easy to see which ones are the most popular and lucrative.

Video Report

Video Report

Which video testimonial generated the most revenue? This report will quickly identify your most successful videos and video campaigns. Our YouTube integration also pulls in useful insights without leaving our dashboard.

Share Report

Share Button Report

Only with Social Balance's advanced analytics platform can you determine which social sharing buttons are most successful at bringing in new customers and visitors.

Campaign Report

Campaign Report

Extensive data on the performance of your content marketing landing pages and competitions. Find out how successful your social media marketing and landing pages are.

Optimal Publishing Times

Optimal Publishing Times

When you tell us your objective, we'll tell you just when to send your message. Concentrate on increasing either sales or leads or user engagement.


Social Balance also integrates with most analytics software tools, like these:

google anlytics
adobe sitecatalyst
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