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Why is a digital presence important?

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78% of sellers who use social media outperform their peers.

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Over half the world’s population, 3.8 billion people, are now active on social media. Your potential customers.

Everything you need to start and grow your new business socially

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Powerful Post Scheduling

Consistency matters. save hours each week and grow your brand by scheduling posts in advance.
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Trigger Posts Dynamically

Use the weather or trending topics to trigger posts. Content that is dynamic can personalize your followers experience.
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Connect with your Community

Grow your brand. Build a community. Reply to comments directly within the platform. No more popping in and out of browser tabs

Grow your Business with Social Balance

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Understand what type of content your followers engage with and its affect on your marketing strategy overall.

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Optimize your time. You get two user licenses – one for you and one for your VA!

No more having to give your virtual assistant your passcode because you only get one account from the other guys and have to pay to upgrade to the plus plan. Finally someone who gets it!
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Use analytics as a feedback tool to repeat on your marketing campaign, those items that are performing well.


Create/curate, publish, connect, and monitor all from your workspace.

No more hopping in and out of browser tabs to manage your work.

A library to manage content, approval process, receive recommendations, and auto import blog post

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Post immediately, schedule and manage your calendar at a glance

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Check your activity feed, view messages and comment from linked accounts in one space, and generate reports

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Affordable for everyone!

Checkout plans and pricing for your new Social Balance life!
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  • That $12 less the the competition!
  • 2 User Accounts
  • 7 Social Accounts
  • Unlimited posting
  • Features include: ◼ Content Curation ◼ Post Scheduling ◼ Community Management ◼ Live Social Feed ◼ Historical Analytics
  • Not ready to commit? Start here!
Popular Choice
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  • $162/6 mos (billed every 6 months)
  • Spend $132 less than with the competition
  • Monthly plus...
  • Set of 48 Social Balance Canva template to customize to your brand color, tweak the content and create quicker than quick!
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  • $324/12 mo (billed annually)
  • Monthly plus
    ◼ Set of 48 Social Balance Canva template to customize to your brand color, tweak the content and create quicker than quick!
    ◼ Strategic coaching session with a Zen Master
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  • Limited Time!
  • 2 Users (Yup in the basic plan!)
  • 7 Social Accounts (saaaay what!?)
  • Unlimited posting
  • Features include: ◼ Content Curation ◼ Post Scheduling ◼ Community Management ◼ Live Social Feed ◼ Historical Analytics

According to SocialMediaToday, 83% of social media marketing users believe that post scheduling is an effective way to automate. There’s a way and there is the Social Balance way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have
Can I create social media reports in Social Balance?
Social Balance can generate 1-Click reports with ease. We aggregate audience and post analytics for all of your linked accounts in one easy to read report.
What social networks does Social Balance integrate with?
We integrate with the following social network platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Business
Does Social Balance integrate with Canva?
Yes, Social Balance integrates with Canva so you can design creative posts from your Canva account.
Does Social Balance connect with my Google Drive account?
Yes, Social Balance integrates with Google Drive allowing you to access images or documents.
Does Social Balance have social media management or marketing services available?
Our Virtual Assistant aka Zen Master services will be availble starting Spring 2022! If you are interested please click here to receive an update!
Why should I sign up for the annual plan?
Social Balance offers three pricing plans; Monthly, Bi-Annual and Annual. The Annual Plan is just $27 per month with an annual subscription of $37 per month if purchased on a month-to-month basis. At launch (for a limited time), the new annual price for the yearly subscription is $324 instead of $444 and 27$ for the monthly plan instead of $37. You get to lock in the rate no matter what future fee changes and system upgrades occur.
We are an agency that uses Slack, can we get integrate with Social Balance?
Yes, you can integrate wtih Social Balance so you can receive alerts for expiring credentials, post alerts, and/or post failures in your Slack channels!
How many boards can I post to on my Pinterest account?
When you link accounts, you'll see text that states how many boards are linked for each Pinterest account and how many are "default boards". Default boards act like default accounts in Social Balance, meaning they are selected by default when you decide to create new content. Just like your other default social accounts, you can always change the selected boards when you create/schedule any specific piece of content.
Can I post to my Facebook Group that I'm the Administrator?
Yes, you can post to your Facebook Group in your Social Balance dashboard.
Can Social Balance work with Google Analytics?
Yes you can link your Google Analaytics to enrich your Social Balance reports with web data.
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