Planning Card Deck


Planning Card Deck- Dump the boring spreadsheet!

⭐ One deck of 50 cards
⭐ Six unique suites
⭐ 48 strategies
⭐ A million possibilities to plan your social media content and have fun doing it!
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The Social Balance Planning Card Deck was created to help you plan content to improve your social presence and grow your target audience relationship.

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Social Balance Card Deck - Engage

Any of these challenges sound familiar?

lack of inspiration

Lack Inspiration

Do you often ask yourself “what should I post”? Do you struggle with too little or too many ideas and a lack of focus? Or you simply don’t have that creative knack. You do you! What you need is a tool to put you on the right path. The Social Balance planning card deck starts with 6 suites and 48 ideas making every shuffle a unique set of ideas. Endless possibilities.

time management

Lack Time

Have you perfected procrastination? Does the thought of planning and creating content mean other tasks won’t get done? And then you fall into regret because then nothing gets done and your social media looks like a barren beach. The Social Balance planning card deck takes your planning time to less than 5 minutes!

Who are you?

Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

Lack SSM Knowledge

You went into business because of your expertise, and social media management wasn’t your gig. Now you are feeling like you’ll never get the hang of it. The Social Balance planning card deck and the platform together will fill your gaps and you can begin to build both confidence to connect with your audience. Finally!

freelancers- Planning card deck

Social Media Management Freelancer?

Looking for a different way to plan for each of your clients so they feel special? And you now can have a unique way of marketing your service!

FAQ Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant?

Did your client put you in charge of creating their content that will make it more engaging? The Social Balance planning card deck does that AND ensures you don’t come across as too salesy for your customers! And you can work faster – impressive!

Tracking Multiple Devices

Solopreneur? Coach?

Time is never on your side. We totally get it. You are no longer at a loss for social posts. You can begin to make stronger connections and increase engagement! Grow your community!

After you develop your weekly/monthly plan with the Planning Card Deck…
it’s time to create, publish and monitor!

Become the next Social Balance Zen Master in no time

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Impress your audiences with a simple yet powerful puzzle template for Instagram. Our template is perfect for starting your Instagram posting habit.

If you are a new or seasoned blogger, business owner, coach, or teacher, then it is perfect for you.

We design our templates in CANVA, an easy and simple editor, so you can customize this template easily! Just drag and drop and you can change the text, color, photos, etc. Make it your own!

Social Balance Club IG Starter Puzzle Template

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