11 Best Social Media Platforms To Create a Positive Business Impact

11 Best Social Media Platforms To Create a Positive Business Impact

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Social media offers a great way to grow your audience and engage with them. Using the best social media platforms for business can be tremendous. But there are dozens of best social media platforms in USA. So what are the best social media platforms in 2022? You have only limited time to find out. Therefore, please select the best social media platforms after comparing and contrasting them. Which social media sites should you focus on?

It’s better to start with one at first and add more to the list of the best social media platforms to grow your business as you have time and energy. One of the best social media practices for small businesses is to start with the platform where the target audience is present. While there are many best social media sites for small businesses, here are the eleven most popular social networking platforms worth checking out first.


Facebook; best social media platforms

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms in the world right now, and it is the number one pick for launching the best paid social media campaigns. Biggest social media marketing agencies now and then use Facebook to promote the best social media posts for engagement. Nearly everyone uses it, and it appeals to most demographics. The site is full of features to help you engage with people and grow your following. Facebook is among the most used social media platforms.

No matter what niche you are in, the size of your business, or the nature of your target market, you’re sure to find Facebook helpful. It is among the 5 best social media apps. The best social media marketing brands utilize Facebook to run good social media ads specified to niche audiences through detailed targeting. You can run most successful social media campaigns through Facebook. It is ranked number one in the list of the most used social media sites in 2021.

Start a Facebook page for your business, join Facebook groups where your target audience is present and try to help people. Look at your followers’ profiles and the content they share to get insights.


Instagram one of the best social media platforms

Instagram is a visually-oriented and among the best social media platforms meant for sharing photos and videos. It’s a platform for organic social media best practices. Instagram is best suited for brands that have something visual to share, but today, all brands use it. You can run the most effective social media campaigns on Instagram. You can share images of your products, behind-the-scenes of your industry, or anything else your audience might like.

The best way to gain exposure here is to follow others and comment on their content. That’s the strategy good brands on social media use. They’ll reciprocate with yours, and their other followers will see you. Hashtags also work well to spread brand awareness on Instagram. You can also run the best b2b social media campaigns and get the highest engagement on Instagram. Instagram is the most effective social media platform today for interaction. All popular social media platforms are not as good as Instagram in terms of increasing engagement rates.


Twitter, best social media platforms

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, which means it allows users to post short, text-based posts of 280 characters or less. You can also post images and videos here. Twitter works in real-time, so things happen fast. It’s one of the best social media platforms for breaking news.

Since you’re presented with the challenge of short posts, Twitter is a great place to offer tips and ask questions to get your audience talking. Tweeting frequently, retweeting and commenting on others’ tweets, and hopping on trending hashtags are great ways to grow your following. Taking opportunity of social media trends has become social media best practices for small businesses. Twitter is the most popular social media platform today and the most popular alternative to Facebook.



Are you looking for the best social media platforms to build a professional network, and are you wondering, what are the best social media platforms for business? Start using LinkedIn today. You can use LinkedIn to connect with other businesses, hire people, or find like-minded business professionals. You can post long-form content, participate in groups, and learn about your target market through robust profiles. Top social media marketing firms use LinkedIn to generate leads and it is one of the most popular social media sites for high quality leads.

In addition to posting high-quality content, participating in groups, and other regular social media strategies, LinkedIn has a unique referral feature. You can take advantage of this as well to grow your audience. Hence, LinkedIn easily finds its spot in the list of popular social media platforms and it is one of the world’s most used social platforms for employer branding.



Although many people use YouTube merely for watching videos, it’s also a social media platform where users create profiles and channels and interact with one another. As the world’s go-to site for videos, it’s among the best social media platforms to showcase your brand and grow your audience.

The convenient way to do this is to produce high-value videos and promote your channel. Take advantage of commenting and sharing with other creators, which will help your efforts. YouTube is the best social media for making money. You can find all the famous social media marketers on YouTube.

Google My Business

Google My Business

In 2019, a Google My Business listing had an average of 317 Maps visits and 943 Search visits every month. An examination of 45,000 company listings yielded this result. Using GMB, you may distribute localized content. It’s crucial to claim and validate your Google My Business page before creating any content. As a result of GMB’s user evaluations, your consumers will be able to see that you provide the products they need. No doubt about it, GMB is a fantastic social networking tool and one of the best social media platforms for businesses.



Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Facebook and used in more than 180 countries. It is one of the popular and best social media platforms of today’s era for personal and business use. In the beginning, WhatsApp was only a way for people to interact with their loved ones. A lot of people use WhatsApp for commercial purposes nowadays. It even has a specialized WhatsApp business app for that purpose. WhatsApp is one of the most common social media apps for daily business communication.

Businesses of all sizes may utilize this app to offer customer service, connect with their consumers, and give them information about their transactions. You can use WhatsApp’s Commercial API to access more features and functionality as your business grows.


In July 2019, there were 472 million active accounts on Tumblr, a microblogging social media platform. You can share text, images, videos, GIFs, and more on this social networking site. As with the other best social media platforms we’ve highlighted, Tumblr has material for just about every subject or specialty!

It’s also possible to change the look of your Tumblr content layout. Because of this, many people choose to utilize Tumblr as their webpage. Tumblr is a big fan of smart memes, so include them in your content plan.


Unlike other best social media platforms, Reddit calls itself “The Home Page of the Internet” and prides itself on being distinct. As an all-in-one place for social media news and information, a community forum, and social networking, this social media website has it all. There are “subreddits” on Reddit, essentially devoted boards for a specific subject. Subreddits allow users to post questions and information that other Redditors may vote on.

Redditors place a greater emphasis on community and service than on self-promotion. Consequently, before promoting your company on Reddit, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the site. Reddit advertising is the easiest method to get started utilizing Reddit for commercial purposes.


The social networking site Snapchat allows users to send multimedia messages. This is a simple concept: instead of texting, users may transmit short videos to one another. In addition to emoticons, stickers, effects, and the sketch tool, Snapchat offers many options for personalizing your video messages.

Snapchat also pioneered the Stories format, which migrated to Facebook and Instagram. It’s also possible to utilize Snapchat for commercial purposes in various ways. Some of the best businesses worldwide use Snapchat to develop their following and boost sales.


Are you wondering about the best social media platforms you can use as a digital pinboard? There is only one, Pinterest. As the name suggests, Pinterest is a social networking platform in the form of an online pinboard. Pinterest is one of the best apps for social media posts to grab people’s attention. In addition to photographs, you can add URLs, GIFs, and videos to your virtual pinboards. Create and publish your pins in.

Therefore, Pinterest is where individuals may explore new things and become inspired. Small businesses may utilize Pinterest in various ways, and not only via the usage of Pinterest advertisements. According to the social media platform, users find brand content beneficial and appealing. As one of the best social media platforms for digital brand building, it’s an excellent choice for your content marketing plan.

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